Find fashion professionals

Never miss a casting

Collaborate. Get paid.

FHIVE is a mobile app that offers you
the fashion industry from the palm of your hand

Instead of spending hours in blogs and social groups, researching websites and other online portfolios for fashion professionals, you can download FHIVE. We offer smooth communication using a cross platform app that connects you to the fashion talents you seek worldwide, as well as offering a sustainable income.

App Features:


Expand your portfolio and feature your latest work


800% more exposure than social media groups

Share Everywhere

Instead of posting at multiple sites, post once on FHIVE and share it everywhere from there


Stay connected anywhere you go, take your work with you


Chat with your colleagues and plan out a production

Global Map

Use global map features to see fashion productions happening around you and seek to join them


We value skill, and like in any field give a non bias rate system

Urgent Castings

Find professionals with a click of a button, and fill a position asap!

Drag & Drop

Pick clothes from a map and drop them in your basket to quickly request them for your shoot


Jobs filtered out for you, why see makeup when your’e a stylist


Always get paid for doing a job, zero nonsense for our members

Auto Repost

Production images automatically repost and credits on all team members portfolios

Why choose our services?

What are you waiting for – I T’ S – F R E E !

The fashion industry only function when numerous talents join together, FHIVE’s unique technology creates a rating system and a database of industry skills, that connects you to the talents you seek. Save time and extend your portfolio.

The urgent casting system allows you to send push notifications to nearby talents, cancellations will no longer be an issue.

Your homepage is unique to you, displaying only work that match your set of skills. No more missed opportunities. It’s easy: Push urgent casting – notification received by talent – apply & agree on price – get paid.

The fashion industry

We revolutionise the way fashion industry creatives connect, most importantly collaborate & work using cutting edge mobile tech with unique interactive features that solves fashion productions pain-points. We see this market with immense potential; over quarter of a million active users in U.K alone.

Our customer livelihood depend on it as a source of income

Great team of expert directors & advisors from the industry

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