This month we had a chat with Ginevra, based in Florence working as a stylist (like Erika), visual merchandiser and a teacher. She did her Bachelors Degree in Styling at Istituto Marangoni, London.  
What do you do?

I’m a freelance fashion stylist but I’m also working as a Corporate Visual Merchandiser for a luxury brand- Ferragamo and I teach fashion styling at Polimoda in Florence.

Why did you move to London?

I decided to move to London because I knew I needed the London experience, to be in a place where I could feel completely free. The diversity, creativity and craziness of the city made me fall in love with London, but it was very much a love/hate sort of relationship. For someone like me, who decided to work in the fashion industry, living in London was a fundamental step in that direction. Compared to Paris and Milan there is much more space for young talents to emerge and the creative scene is very dynamic.

London is amazing but also a very tough city to live in, everyone is in a rush to do something, the weather is terrible, and the cost of living is too high compared the quality of life. Nevertheless, I will have always have London in my heart and I will always feel like a Londoner. I had the time of my life.

What’s your experience in the London fashion scene?

I did my BA in fashion styling in London, started working as a stylist, and thanks to my university I had the chance to participate, and win the Diversity Now 2014 competition at LGFW.

How do you find work?

I get most of my freelance work from various social networks, and emails I receive, and of course, my personal network. Regarding corporate work, I look at positions on websites such as, and

Biggest challenge finding work?

Finding a job that I liked and was paid fairly.

What makeup brands do you love?

I don’t really have a favourite, would not say I’m a makeup person. To be honest, I started learning how to use the eyeliner four months ago, haha! Having said that, I would normally buy YSL, Lancôme, MAC and different brands at Sephora.

What are you most passionate about?

I’m very passionate about my job and the industry I chose to work in. Also, I have always been very passionate about gastronomy, restaurants and chefs. One day I would love to unify both passions by having a concept store with a little Bistrot in it.

The weirdest story you have from a shoot?

It was the Diversity Now shoot, where I worked as a stylist. I had to rent a location that had different settings, and a prison cell, so I ended up renting a dungeon which was also used for porn movies and BDSM amateur sex. After the shoot, we were told that we had to leave because another client had rented the place. As I opened the door to leave I saw that the client was an elderly businessman with a trolley. A much younger girl was waiting with him with a to get inside and change into a mistress. Very weird.

The most treasured item in your wardrobe and why?

I have a thing for bags, I collect them. And I could not live without a nice black structured blazer.

What’s the most exciting thing in your life right now?

Mhh. Right now, probably my job and my plans for the future. I’m growing a lot as a professional and I’m very proud of all the things I’m managing at the same time, everything from being a stylist to a teacher. 

If your life were a hashtag what would it be?


How would you describe your personal style?

Seeing that I’m a stylist, I’ve had a lot of difficulties establishing my personal style, and I’ve realised that I’m quite versatile. I can be very elegant and feminine, and grunge and comfortable other days. I’d say it’s simple, elegant, and street.

What’s the one thing that bothers you the most?


What’s in your Netflix queue?

Chef’s Table, Elite, Amazing Interiors, How to get away with murder.


Instagram: @gsmstyling
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